Repair and Maintenance


Cash Express Services has been successfully delivering ATM services to the hospitality and retail industry for more than a decade. We take great care to ensure that our ATMs are 100% operational.


Cash Express Services provides 24/7 ATM customer support. This includes:

  • 24-hour monitoring of cash usage
  • Notifications when cash falls below pre-selected thresholds
  • Customer support telephone number clearly displayed on every ATM
  • A local support telephone number for you and your staff
  • Service response times of less than three (3) hours upon notice of a machine failure, malfunction or emergency repair
  • Transaction dispute resolution

In the event of a rare transaction dispute, you should never directly compensate a guest. A Cash Express Services team member will communicate directly with your guest to resolve any issues or questions they have. One of our technicians will immediately dial into the ATM to retrieve the transaction detail summary. If an error occurred, we will resolve it for your guest.

Should you need your Cash Express Services’ ATM serviced, please call 888-822-3795.



Cash Express Services makes it easy for you to add an ATM to your location, whether it’s a movie theater, hotel, grocery store, boutique, nightclub, restaurant, gas station, or mall. Cash Express Services covers all costs and responsibilities associated with owning or leasing the ATM such as:

  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Vault Cash & Replenishment
  • 24-hour monitoring of cash usage
  • Accounting
  • Liability insurance
  • City, county and state license fees
  • Call us today at 888-822-3795 to see how we can help your business grow by adding an on-site ATM.