Free Placement/ Turnkey operation

No matter if you own a gas station, a restaurant or a brand-name hotel, you know your customers want convenient access to cash. Cash Express Services makes Florida ATM placement easy with a no-cost, turnkey ATM rental solution. We take care of everything, from purchasing the ATM to installing it at your place of business.


Cash Express Services’ free Florida ATM Placement Program is specifically designed for moderate-to-high traffic locations looking for a no-cost ATM solution. Cash Express Services purchases the ATM and installs it at your Florida place of business for free. We fill it with cash and you earn a percentage of the surcharge fee from every transaction. The more people use your ATM machine, the greater the profit for you.

There is absolutely no cost to you, the business owner. Let us repeat that: It is free to rent an ATM from Cash Express Services.

Cash Express Services will assess your location’s unique requirements and expertly locate and install the ATM for convenience, accessibility, visibility and compliance to ensure a reliably high-profit ATM machine. All of our ATMs are fully compliant with TDES, which is the American National Standard’s Institute-sanctioned encryption algorithm standard used for PIN encryption. Plus, wireless transaction options are available on all of our ATMs. Last but not least, all of our ATMS are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act so all of your customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of convenient cash withdrawals.


At Cash Express Services, we utilize ATMs engineered to provide outstanding reliability. We use state-of-the-art technology, including visual and audio prompts. Plus, we can customize your ATM to include branding messages, enhanced security measures, additional surveillance measures and more.

Once your free ATM placement is complete, you will enjoy excellent customer service including:

ATM Cash Loading: We monitor your ATM 24/7 to ensure cash is available to your customers at all times. This is one huge difference between Cash Express Services and most ATM companies.

ATM Maintenance: Your ATM machine will be kept clean, well-maintained and well-serviced. In addition to providing the cash services, we also provide the signage and paper supplies, such as receipts. Plus, we will update the branding messages or special offers you would like to display on your ATM’s LED screen at no charge.

Compensation: Cash Express’ free Florida ATM Placement Program shares a percentage of the surcharge revenue for each transaction with you. Your percentage can vary between 20% and 50% depending on the location and the surcharge total for each transaction. You will receive your surcharge revenue on the 10th of the following month.